When Creating a Cooperation Agreement

Webeltime.com – When Creating a Cooperation Agreement There are several factors to consider while creating a company contract, particularly when it comes to working capital loans.This can lead to loopholes that allow reckless people to defraud you.

Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs still do not thoroughly read or research company contracts before signing them.This behavior is actually highly hazardous since you may have to invest money or effort in the future to overcome the troubles that result from it.

When Creating a Cooperation Agreement

When Creating a Cooperation Agreement Here are seven key factors to consider when drafting a letter of agreement, particularly those pertaining to working capital loans.

When Creating a Cooperation Agreement

Look into information about (potential) business partners.

Before entering into a contract, the first stage is to do study or inquiry on your prospective partner’s company activities.The information you need to know includes the company profile, historical business performance, and the firm’s reputation.

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After signing the agreement, verify data to protect yourself from complications.In addition to doing searches on search engines, gather information from corporate colleagues and previous clients.

Start no activity without a contract.

Never do anything before signing the contract, A business contract’s contents are, in general, the title, comparison (information about the parties involved in the agreement), premisse (content of the cooperation agreement and signing the contract).

Content (about the terms and conditions of the agreement agreed upon by both parties), and the conclusion of the agreement.

Recognize contract language

Pay as much attention to the wording of the business agreement contract as possible, even though this is difficult for novices due to the usage of specialized phrases.

Do not be afraid to seek an expert since a review of the agreement will be beneficial.Knowing all of the contract’s contents as thoroughly as feasible will be critical in order to avoid missing essential contract parts.

Inquire in depth with potential business partners.

It is critical to request items that are unclear at the outset or points that are not included in the contract. Don’t let minor details force you to spend more costs after the business is up and running.

This may cause difficulty and may be the start of a split in the firm that was formed.

Include the guide in as much detail as feasible.

When creating contracts, businesspeople frequently fail to provide precise recommendations concerning the revision of work that must be done after the project is completed.

Examine the principles and processes as a precautionary measure to avoid overworking or revising your contract.

Seeking witnesses

In the contract agreement, including the working capital loan, the parties shall seek witnesses, which can be done by a group of individuals.

This is done to ensure that the parties named in the agreement make every effort to follow the terms of the agreement.

The witness must also sign the agreement document and participate in speaking if one of the parties breaches the contract’s terms.

You should not continue cooperating if some parties are unwilling to sign the agreement.

Business cooperation is considered to be accomplished when the linked or partnered parties sign a contract agreement.

However, if one of the parties refuses to sign the contract, the commercial collaboration would be terminated.

That simple!

This circumstance implies that one of the parties is dissatisfied with the contract agreement’s terms.

The most essential thing to remember from the ideas discussed above is to be vigilant and cautious in observing the contents of the contract that you will sign.

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The collaboration contract agreement is more than simply words on paper with terms and conditions.

This collaboration agreement is also a significant aspect in determining whether your company partners will be successful in the future.

Not only may collaboration agreements help the firm function smoothly in the future, but so can enough financing.

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How to Write a Cooperation Contract That Will Not Harm Investors

Stages of Creating a Cooperation Agreement

To make this cooperation contract agreement, several stages must be considered, including:

Contract Preparation

Pre-contract negotiations include a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), feasibility studies, and negotiations (continued)


The contract includes the writing of the initial manuscript, revision of the manuscript, writing of the final manuscript, and signing of the cooperation contract.

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Following the Contract

The post-contractual phase includes implementation, interpretation, and dispute resolution.

Negotiation is the first step that must be taken before entering into a contract or a cooperation agreement.

Presentations between entrepreneurs and investors can be used to conduct negotiations.

When negotiating, you can also discuss the benefits that investors will receive within a certain time frame.

This is significant because it serves as the initial basis for forming a contract agreement.

Furthermore, even though it is not part of the contract agreement, an MoU must be recorded and documented during the initial negotiations.

The Memorandum of Understanding must be in writing and signed by both parties.

This Memorandum of Understanding will serve as a guide and the foundation for the upcoming contract agreement.

Following that, a feasibility study is prepared to examine and assess the viability of a business or business from a variety of perspectives, including financial, management, marketing, socio-cultural, environmental, and even legal aspects.

The findings of this feasibility assessment will decide whether or not further discussions will take place.

The collaboration contract agreement must be properly drafted to include all of the wishes of all parties involved, including the entrepreneur and investor.

Finally, the language and writing style of this contract agreement must be in a standard language that follows Indonesian grammatical requirements. Language must be exact, succinct, unambiguous, and methodical.

Cooperation Contract Agreement Composition

In fact, there is no conventional procedure for arranging this collaboration partnership agreement. In reality, the statute makes no mention of it.

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Things that are often utilized as standards, on the other hand, include the following:


The title should be composed of short, succinct, and straightforward sentences. Anchovy Business Cooperation Contract Agreement, for example.


‘Today, Thursday, June 5, 2021, we the undersigned are….’ is a typical introductory statement.


Following the creation of the introductory page, the following page contains the parties engaged. Begin with the entire name as it appears on the ID card, followed by the residence, occupation, and position.

The authority of the parties as the first, second, or third party in the contract agreement is then followed.

Background of a transaction or recital

In addition, the opening is filled with the reasons or negotiations that led to the creation of this contract agreement.

Explaining, for example, that the FIRST party is the business owner, the SECOND party is the investor, and the THIRD party is the legal witness.

Then, describe the agreement reached by the FIRST and SECOND parties.

For example, the FIRST party has offered the SECOND party a partnership in the Anchovy Business on mutually agreed-upon conditions. Declare the agreed-upon terms.


This is the most important portion of the collaboration contract agreement letter. The contents provide a detailed explanation of the contract.

It is preferable to write it in the form of articles, paragraphs, and letters to enable content separation or classification.

Rights, obligations, and responsibilities, as well as ways of dispute resolution, which might be through family or legal channels, must be mentioned in the text.


The cooperation contract agreement is then concluded with a line like: ‘This contract agreement was formed and signed jointly on… on… the year….’

The signatures of all parties are then affixed. Make certain that this contract agreement is stamped in order for the legal value contained in it to be strong.

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Make certain that neither party is hurt or gains more as a result of this contract arrangement.

They must be equal. If there is a discrepancy, it is preferable to discuss it in the outset than than remain silent and risk getting into problems.