The Best Video Editing App for Laptop / Computer That Is Light and Free

Webeltime.comThe Best Video Editing App for Laptop / Computer That Is Light and Free As we all know, the use of video editing programs is no longer limited to those who work in the film and television industries, but can be done by anybody who is willing to study and practice.

Learning to edit videos is not as simple as it appears; in addition to diverse features and problem situations, there are issues with the original video that you wish to edit, which might be in various formats and is not supported by all software.

Due to limited talents, if you truly want to become an editor, you must first study.
And the state of the laptop or computer with varying specs impacts how well the software runs.

So, in order to become a video editor, you must have a strong will, talents, or abilities of a minimal quality. Video editing tasks can be carried out with certified, or at least acceptable, computer specifications.

If we previously examined the best video editing apps for Android phones, in this post we will explore the best video editing apps for laptops and PCs.

The Best Free and Small Laptop Video Editing Software

Best Video Editing Software for YouTube

Not to mention, the best video editor application for PCs and laptops as of June 2020 that we review here will not burden the computer device you are using because the existing application is relatively light, so you do not need to upgrade the PC or laptop you already have, although larger RAM will certainly make this application run smoother.

There are several reasons why you still need a PC or laptop to edit movies. Aside from being more versatile while editing, this best video editing program has more functionality than video editing apps for Android phones.

Here’s a video editing program for laptops and PCs.

1. Video Editor AVS

AVS Video Editor is one of the best video editing programs 2020 that you can rely on if you have a machine with mediocre specs, because it does not take a lot of RAM when utilized.

Furthermore, this program employs a video cache, which makes the editing process quicker and more fluid.

Aside from the ability to create HD format videos, this program includes over 300 ready-to-use effects and transitions.

Of course, being a video editing program, this application offers other functions such as dividing movies, chopping, adding text, and adding audio to the video being altered.

VirtualDub 2

If you don’t want to pay money on a reputable video editing program, you might use this VirtualDub application. Although it is provided for free, the functions it provides are rather comprehensive.

Corel Video Studio 3

Video Studio by Corel

If you are acquainted with the CoreDRAW program, the Core Video Studio application is also from the same business and is well-known as a video processing application.

Because of the straightforward interface, this program is ideal for those of you who are editing movies for the first time.

On your laptop or PC, use the Corel Video Studio program to edit videos. This program is often used by expert video editors or novices.

The ease of use and superb outcomes of the Corel Video Studio program attract a large number of application aficionados.

The video may be exported in a variety of formats, including one that is mobile phone compatible. Users may use Corel Video Studio to edit videos, add pictures, effects, and make sound dubbing.

4. Photo Apps for Windows

Microsoft has given a movie editing program named Windows Movie Maker as a maker of apps and operating systems, however this product has long been discontinued.
Even if you obtain this program from a non-Microsoft website, it is possible that it includes viruses and malware.

Instead, Microsoft has included video editing tools in the Windows Photo Apps program, which also includes text, filters, 3D animation, and other features.

This Windows picture Apps program is built into the Windows 10 operating system and is available for free right away.

5. Wax Debugmode

Debugmode Wax is a laptop video editing tool that allows you to create 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional effects. In fact, the Debugmode Wax program is well-known for its ability to generate explosive effects.

Actually, this software has many functions similar to a serious video editing program on a laptop, such as Adobe After Effects.

Debugmode Wax, on the other hand, is lighter and produces equally good video quality. This program can be used independently or in conjunction with others.

The final word

Maybe that’s all we can present to you all about The Best Video Editing App for Laptop / Computer That Is Light and Free, hopefully it can be useful.