Planting Pulled Spinach in Polybags or Pots in the Home – Planting Pulled Spinach in Polybags or Pots in the Home, Amaranth (Amaranthus) is a plant that originated in tropical America and has since spread around the world. This plant is often produced for the use of its leaves as green vegetables, which are a good source of iron.

Spinach planting in polybags is simple, does not require expensive equipment, and requires little care.How to grow spinach using polybags is appropriate in urban locations where land is often quite small, because it can be an option to producing spinach or other crops.

Planting Pulled Spinach in Polybags or Pots in the Home

Planting Pulled Spinach in Polybags or Pots in the Home, Green vegetables high in iron content are beneficial to all populations, particularly pregnant women.

Pulled spinach, which has red stems or can even be yellowish green with flowers in the armpits of spinach stalks, is one of several sorts or variants of spinach plants.

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The red spinach is more often known as red spinach, whereas the white spinach is known as white spinach.

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The following are the equipment and supplies required to produce spinach in polybag medium.

  • Spinach seeds or spinache seeds
  • Planting media for soil
  • Manure
  • Pot or polybag
  • Organic pesticide
  • Shovel
  • Water

Terminology for Spinach Plants

It is essential to pay attention to the positioning of the spinach at the time of planting, avoiding regions with high winds so that the plants do not collapse.

A location with 1,500 mm of rainfall per year is ideal for producing spinach, however if your location has greater rainfall, spinach may be shifted when it rains excessively.

Spinach plants require adequate sunshine, air temperatures of 16-20 degrees Celsius, humidity of 40-60 percent, and soil pH of 6-7 pH.

How to Choose the Best Spinach Seeds

  • Superior varieties are used to produce seeds.
  • Pests and illnesses are kept at bay.
  • More than 80% of seeds germinate.

How to Clean Spinach Seeds

If seeding is done outside the room, use polybag media with a plastic or straw roof to shield the seeds from wind and high light intensity.

The spinach seeds should then be placed in polybags with a little soil and watered twice a day in the morning and evening until the planting media is wet.

If the seeds have reached the age of 2 weeks, they can be transplanted to bigger polybags or pots, then watered again until the planting material is wet.

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Spinach Planting Procedures

Spinach seeds may be purchased from a farm store, or cuttings can be used by planting spinach stems directly.
The spinach planting media is made by combining soil and manure until smooth and then sieving to obtain a very smooth planting medium texture.

During the planting medium is complete, place it in a polybag and place the tile pieces at the bottom of the polybag to prevent the soil from escaping when watering.

Planting with stems necessitates the use of a medium-sized polybag to allow the roots of the spinach stem to be submerged deeper.

Small polybags can be used for seed planting, but the seeds must be sowed first, with 2-3 seeds in each polybag; once the seeds have matured, they can be moved to bigger polybags.

Spinach plants that have developed can be relocated to a location with enough light intensity, and watering is required to maintain the growth substrate wet.

When moving spinach seedlings from tiny polybags to polybags or big pots, take care not to injure the plant roots.


Fertilization is done to preserve the content of the planting media while allowing spinach to develop effectively. Fertilization can be done once a week with manure.

Fertilizer can be applied directly to the planting medium or inserted into the hole in the soil media, then flushed with water until the planting medium seems wet. Fertilizers can be continued even if the plants are prospering, with the goal of producing good plants.


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Perempalan is used to reinforce and maintain the plant erect if the development of spinach is very fruitful. Stake placement can also be done if necessary.


Watering is done twice a day, particularly during the dry season; watering can be done in the morning and evening.


When the spinach is 25-35 days old, it may be harvested by removing the spinach and then washing it from the associated dirt. Harvesting spinach is also dependent on plant care and upkeep; if care is not consistent, spinach might grow longer.

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