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Link Grazi Capcut Template

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You need to produce movies, and this CapCut Editing Tutorial for Beginners (2022) can help you accomplish it quickly!

CapCut Editing for Novices (2022)

This video is for you if you want to learn CapCut rapidly. Don’t make the mistake of diving in headfirst and complicating a simple editing procedure. You must create a video.

So, following the BFF method, we’ll go through CapCut on my phone step by step. The social video plan outlines this. If you skip any of these procedures, you may end up with a movie that looks or sounds awful.

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To begin, I’m going to presume you already have some footage on your phone. I’ll launch CapCut and create a new project at the very top.

I just taped something a few minutes ago, therefore I need to decide which clips to import. Every single one of those video is playable for me.

Begin a CapCut project and add clips to the Timeline.

I touched on the empty circle in the upper right corner since I knew I wanted to import.
And you can see us progressing from one to two to three, but you can go through each of your video clips like I have.

You may also check and check all of them if you know which video you want to import. It says Add at the bottom (9).

And as you can see, I’ve even made a small timetable for myself. So we’ll press Put(9), grazi capcut template, which will take that clip and add it to the CapCut timeline.

So, utilizing the BFF method I stated before, we’ll begin with simple editing. We’ll then fine-tune those modifications. Finally, we’re going to dress it up.

Even if you think you don’t need a sophisticated video, believe me. You should do some of those things.

CapCut Basic Video Editing for Beginners 2022

So let’s get started with CapCut’s basic editing features. So we’ve imported all of our A-roll clips into the timeline using the BFF approach.

We chat to the camera during A-roll. Like I do on my YouTube videos the majority of the time. The next step is to go through and shorten that timeframe.

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What exactly do I mean? When producing a short-form vertical video, especially for a Tiktok roll or Instagram shorts, you want to avoid wasting the viewers’ time.

You want to pique their interest. You know what they say about having the attention span of a goldfish? So we’ll cut the beginning and conclusion of each clip. It’s the portion where we take a breather or pause to collect our thoughts.

Clips in the Timeline can be cut or split.

To do so, I’ll just move my finger about until I see my lips move, at which point I’ll know I’m ready to start talking.

Grab the handle on the left side with your fingertips and pull. This will adhere to the scrubber bar holder. The vertical bar is at the center.

Another method is to identify the desired location and position the scrubber bar in the area where you want to create a cut or cut.

You’ll see split in the bottom left corner as long as the clip is chosen. This will divide the clip into two pieces.

Now I’m going to squeeze my finger to zoom in here so you can see that we have a divide there. You may add a transition between these two video by tapping on the small white square. We’re not going to do it just yet.

CapCut Clip Delete and Reset

You may now treat the second clip as any other clip, or you can just erase it. So, as long as it’s chosen, nath editz capcut, simply tap the trash can at the bottom to remove the clip.

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So there are two methods for trimming your clips. Trim the ends so that you just have where you talk. You prune in areas where you don’t speak. Then, divide your clip and remove the unwanted segments.

Aside from that, I’d want to teach you how to reorganize the clips, which you’ll find useful. Assume you wish to relocate a clip.

You’re going to choose it so that it looks like this. All you have to do is hold and drag it to the desired location on the timeline.

We now have the title and text to complete the basic editing for this BFF procedure. Because I generate short-form vertical films, I like captioning them for TikTok, Instagram rolls, Facebook rolls, and YouTube shorts here at CapCut.

Their descriptions are all unique and diverse. I just want to make one change to it before uploading it with text.

So this is one of my favorite aspects of CapCut, so I’m going to go down under “Text,” press on it, and then pick auto captions. We’ll utilize the original voice, then hit the continue button.

It indicates at the top that it is auto-generating text. You can see it in the video clip below.

return to the timeline If you choose it, nath.editz capcut template, you may edit it just like any other clip. If you wish to adjust the time, you can cut it if you know how long it is on the screen. We double-tap it to modify.

If my text is too long, I prefer to split it across many lines. So we’ll simply go through them, double-tap each one, and make sure everything makes sense.

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