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Link Archana Nag Chand Facebook

According to reports, the police have recovered up to 65 images from Email Id Archana Nag Chand, which depict numerous personalities from politics, business, and the entertainment sector.

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Arachna Nag Chand, who was arrested news on racketeering accusations, is likely to be detained for additional interrogation.

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Sections 341, 328, 324, 354 – C, 370, 386/387/388, 389, 419/420, 465, 506, 120 – B of the IPC and Sections 66 -E, 67 of the IT Act were used to arrest him.

Photos from an email address The discovery of numerous powerful persons in the state, including two former royal family members who are seasoned political figures, in a compromised position with the lady startled senior police officers.

Several dignitaries, including a high-ranking Railway official, Tahasildar, and aides from several political heavyweights, are also featured in the images with Nag and other sex workers.

Nag reportedly extorted more than Rs 1 crore in three installments from a renowned political leader.

According to police, Nag hired roughly 15 high-end sex workers and was always on the lookout for affluent clients. Police have retrieved pictures, aadhar cards, and bank account information from Nag’s sex workers.

According to reports, police discovered assets worth over Rs 35 crore belonging to Honey Trap extortionist Archana Nag Chand, 28, and her spouse, BJD politician Jagabandhu Chand.

Archana’s husband, Jagabandhu Chand, is on the run after being accused of illicit activities.

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Archana Nag Chand’s family related, Khageswar, and her husband, Jagabandhu Chand, are also on the run. Sradhanjali’s confession, as the middle lady for Archan’s extortion operation, caused a stir among numerous high-ranking authorities.

Archana’s spouse, Jagabandhu Chand, was born in the Baunsabani Netua Panchayat village of Jaleswar Balasore block and hailed from a poor family.

They both make millions of rupees via sex scandals and blackmail. People have fallen into the trap, including politicians, bureaucrats, and business owners, and more are on their way,” the insider warned.

Archana has elegant houses worth roughly Rs 3 crore in town and a farmhouse in Nakhara, as well as a department on used vehicle shops.

During the raid on his home in Satya Vihar in Palasuni region, police discovered luxury furniture worth over Rs 40 lakh, a fleet of luxury automobiles and SUVs such as Toyota Fortuner and Mahindra Thar, and imported interior design materials.

Several political heavyweights, hotels, and businesses have given him cash presents worth about Rs 11 crore, according to reports.

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Archana Nag Chand of Kalahandi states on his Facebook profile that he is the owner of ABC Motors and Aditya Villa Production House, the Founder and Managing Director of Golden Empress Private Limited, and a lawyer of the Orissa High Court.

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