Link The Safe Space That Became a Viral Nightmare

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Link The Safe Space That Became a Viral Nightmare

Gustafson subsequently told university investigators that he told the persons the institution did not have the authority to delete anything from non-university websites.

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He or someone from the USU was able to contact the Tekola group and request that the video be removed, albeit from the interviews and papers I’ve read, that never happened.

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He or someone else may also speak with Beckerman and Niles about the history and purpose of the room they were in, possibly to gain a better understanding.

In a written statement to investigators, Gustafson simply stated that he assured the guys that they were permitted inside the room, that he agreed to relieve them from their lessons that day, and that an inquiry into what had transpired would be launched.

Beckerman returned home that afternoon, fatigued and furious, and began preparing for another night shift in the ER. He hadn’t slept in about 60 hours.

Friends from Georgia and Virginia contacted to say they had seen him in an internet video and recognized him.

Beckerman went to the ER, terrified that someone there would identify him, terrified that his address would be published on the internet, terrified that his parents, as well as his younger sister and wife, would be in danger while he was working.

“I was psychologically shattered,” he said. “I was experiencing a panic attack.”
Tekola recalls finding some hate postings on their group’s Instagram page and not thinking much of it until a buddy contacted out, most likely around the same time Beckerman did. “They drag you fairly hard on Twitter,” stated the source.

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Tekola has been discovered online, and Qureshi will follow soon. Their Instagram was inundated with angry posts, and emails began to pile up in their inboxes.

Strangers phone, text, and post online about them. “I was assailed at every turn: homophobic, racist, and sexist threats, as well as fat threats of rape and insults,” Tekola explained.

“They brought us photos of black individuals slain by cops and black bodies.” Tekola is haunting one specific email.

“Let’s go on a ‘picnic,'” he wrote. “Take the time to study about white culture in the South.”

The image below depicts the lynching of a 17-year-old boy named Jesse Washington in 1916.

More than a million people have seen a two-minute clip from the video released on Twitter as of Friday morning, a clip that stops just as an angry Beckerman exclaims, “I work 60 hours a week and go to school because I’m a parent, not just giving me money.”

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The brief video had been seen by 3.6 million people by the end of the day. Beckerman slept for an hour and a half after finishing his night shift.

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When he awoke, his mother had gotten him a lawyer, Craig Morgan, who informed me that others were already attempting to “politicize” what had occurred.

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