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New Christian Walker Herschel Walker Son Twitter

Herschel Walker’s son continued to criticize his father on Tuesday, following a report that the Republican candidate for Georgia Senate paid for an abortion for his girlfriend in 2009.


The Daily Beast released the item on Monday night. The newspaper interviewed a lady who said Walker paid for her abortion while they were dating.

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The news site examined receipts indicating a $575 payment for the operation, as well as Walker’s debit card and bank deposit records revealing a picture of Walker’s $700 personal check dated five days after the abortion transaction.

According to The Daily Beast, the lady alleges Walker persuaded her to terminate the pregnancy, stating the timing was not good for the baby.

Walker, the Republican contender for the US Senate in Georgia, news has passionately opposed abortion rights and has threatened to sue the Daily Beast.

Christian Walker addressed his father in a series of videos broadcast on Twitter on Tuesday, saying “don’t lie” and “don’t pretend like you’re a decent family guy.”

“I remained silent for over two years since my entire life had been lied to in public.” “I did ONE campaign event before declaring that I didn’t want to be part,” the tweet stated. Don’t put my trustworthiness to the test.”

Christian Walker references to a Daily Beat story in the video, christian walker herschel walker son twitter, claiming that it was “[his father’s] handwriting on the card.”

“He had four children from four separate women, but he never raised any of them.” He was out with other ladies having sex… all lies!”

The Heisman Trophy winner’s son also chastised individuals on the political right and left who he said had insulted him.

“I’ve gently informed practically everyone who has insulted me that I don’t want to get involved. They’re now blaming me for everything I’m not to blame for. It’s revolting.”

The video is a follow-up to a series of tweets posted by Christian Walker on Monday after the article surfaced, in which he accused his father of being violent and a horrible father.

“I know my mom and I would appreciate it if my father Herschel Walker would quit lying and making fun of us,” Christian Walker tweeted.

“You weren’t a ‘family guy’ when you abandoned us to beat up a bunch of ladies, threatened to murder us, and forced us to relocate six times in six months to escape your aggression.”

“I don’t care about someone who has a poor background and is responsible,” he wrote in another tweet. But DARE YOU TO LIE and pretend to be a’moral, christian walker herschel walker son twitter, Christian, honest man.’ “You are alive.” Life DESTROYS other people’s lives. You’re a jerk.”

Christian Walker is the 23-year-old son of divorced parents Herschel Walker and Cindy DeAngelis Grossman.

“I LOVE my son no matter what,” the candidate responded on Monday night through Twitter.
When told about The Daily Beast’s report and asked if it would alter the election in Georgia, Walker’s opponent, incumbent Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock, declined. “I’ll leave that to the professionals,” he remarked.

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