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Chloe Grace Moretz has claimed that a viral meme insulting her appearance caused her to withdraw from the spotlight and caused her anxiety.

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Carrie, 25, told Hunger magazine that she suffered from body dysmorphia as a result of an internet joke in which her photo was transformed to resemble the long-legged Family Guy character.

“I just remember sitting there thinking, ‘My body is being used as a joke, and that’s something I can’t alter about who I am, and it’s all over Instagram,'” she told the outlet.

On social media, a photograph of Chloe delivering pizza to a hotel was posted alongside the cartoon character Legs Go All the Way Up Griffin.

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“This shot was modified into a Family Guy character with long legs and a short build, and it was one of the most popular memes at the time,” the actress said of the 2016 photo.

With real life, Chloe looks stylish in black shorts and black shoes that highlight her physique.
‘Everyone is making fun of my body, and I’m talking about it with someone, and they’re like, ‘Oh stop up, this is amusing,” Moretz explained.

‘I just remember sitting there and thinking, ‘My body was being used as a joke and that’s something I can’t alter about who I am, and it’s being publicized,’ she said, speaking publicly for the first time about the incident. all over Instagram.”

As a result, the blonde beauty declared herself a “hermit.”

“To this day, when I see the meme, it’s incredibly difficult for me to deal with,” he acknowledges.

And he stated that he was’sad’ about the incident that made him feel uncomfortable in public, but that taking a step back made him feel better.

‘[I can] have so much experience that people don’t take pictures,’ she explained, ‘but it makes me really nervous when I’m being taken.’ My heart rate will rise, and I will become hyperventilated.’

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‘It took a layer of something I used to enjoy, which was getting dressed and walking out into the carpet and shooting shots, and making me very self-aware,’ she continues.

‘I believe that social media issues have exaggerated bodily dysmorphia, which we all suffer in our world. This is insane.’

‘To say that the last two years have been transformative is an understatement, to say the least,’ Moretz remarked of the recent 24 months in general. ‘I’m a completely different girl from myself. ‘I now feel like a woman.’

Chloe’s reflection appeared in the Celebrity Issue, alongside interviews with Travis Barker and Lili Reinhart.

In a honest interview in 2018, Chloe discussed the pressures of body image in Hollywood.

When a pair of silicone fillers were placed in her trailer on the set of a movie when she was 16, the actress revealed how she was suddenly made aware of her breast size and how fear began to seep in. in.

‘I was like, where is this coming from?’ he claimed to the Sunday Times Style Magazine. Little things can be deadly.

‘Even if you can brush it off, you internalize it.’ They make you question yourself and wonder if you’re comfortable with your breast size.’

The actress, who has been in the spotlight since she was seven, confesses that it may be difficult at times.

‘I have to see Hollywood for the rest of my life,’ he remarked. ‘The people to whom I compare myself are unreal.’

Apart from acting, Chloe has made headlines for her relationship with Brooklyn Beckham.

Moretz and Beckham’s fresh romance ended in August 2014. That following month, the couple made their red carpet debut at the Teen Choice Awards.

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The pair split up and remarried several times before finally calling it quits in August 2016.

Brooklyn is now married to 27-year-old actress Nicola Peltz, with the couple planning a spectacular wedding in April 2022.

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