Initial Steps to Open a Fried Chicken business 2022 – Initial Steps to Open a Fried Chicken business 2022, You’ve probably heard of KFC. This is one of Indonesia’s most well-known restaurants, with chicken flour as its main menu item.

KFC currently does not offer cooperation in the form of a sub-franchise or franchise to help people who want to be entrepreneurs, but KFC still invites the community to become partners with KFC at a price or investment cost that cannot be described as low.

Initial Steps to Open a Fried Chicken business 2022

Initial Steps to Open a Fried Chicken business 2022, It is undeniable that owning a business is everyone’s ambition.

Prospective business owners can start their businesses in a variety of ways to circumvent business constraints such as the availability of capital and resources, one of which is to take a franchise or franchise business.

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A franchise business, in general, is a business model that involves the owner of a brand or brands and an investor. Where the brand owner grants the right to run his business, including the use of the mark, on mutually agreed-upon terms.

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The franchise, on the other hand, is a foreign language term for the franchise. A franchise system eliminates the need for the capital owner to create a brand and work system for the business from the ground up.

A franchise or partnership business is one that can be a shortcut in running a business that does not require a business plan from the beginning.

When compared to starting your own business, this type of business has a higher chance of success.

A partnership is a collaboration between small and medium-sized businesses or with large businesses that is accompanied by guidance and development from medium-sized or large-scale businesses based on the principles of mutual need, mutual strengthening, and mutual benefit.

One of the benefits of running a franchise business is that business management is already in place and functioning properly.

A franchise is a special right granted by an individual or business entity to a business system with business characteristics in the context of marketing goods and/or services that have proven successful and can be utilized and/or used by other parties under the terms of a franchise agreement.

“We hereby announce that for the time being, we will not be cooperating in the form of a sub-franchise (franchise) for the KFC trademark,” KFC stated on their official website.

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KFC operates two location cooperation schemes, which are as follows:

  • 1. Full rental: In this type of collaboration, KFC pays the entire rent.
  • 2. Revenue sharing: In this type of collaboration, the location owner receives a share or percentage of the gross turnover each month.

Plots (land), shop houses, or houses can be used as the location or place of business for a KFC outlet. The following requirements are met:

  • 1. A plot of at least 1,500 m2 to 2,000 m2 with a minimum face width of 30 meters is required.
  • 2. A shophouse or house building must be at least 300 m2 on the ground floor, with a minimum face width of 15 m and adequate parking.
  • 3. Located on a major road or highway, preferably at a crossroads or T-junction.
  • 4. The location is self-owned, with commercial land allotment / trade in services.