Indodax Invites People to Use THR for Investment – Indodax Invites People to Use THR for Investment In Indonesia, millennials are urged not to be excessive, particularly while joining the Eid mood. Even if you receive holiday pay.

Indodax CEO Oscar Darmawan encourages millennials to continue saving money for investments and to avoid spending money on frivolous items.

Indodax Invites People to Use THR for Investment

Indodax Invites People to Use THR for Investment “I believe that anyone can become investing literate and select the appropriate investment product.” “The investment is not only to generate significant returns with the smallest feasible purchasing money, but also to serve as a defensive asset,” he stated on Thursday (21/4/2022).

Crypto assets, he claims, are one type of investment that the Indonesian government has allowed. In reality, it is well regarded. “Crypto assets, particularly Bitcoin, are growing increasingly popular.”

Indodax Invites People to Use THR for Investment

According to Oscar, the arrival of institutional investors and international luminaries who revealed their interest in crypto suggested that crypto as an investment product was getting more popular. Elon Musk, Michael Saylor, Jack Dorsey, and even popular author Robert Kiyosaki have all made investments in Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

In a recent tweet, the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad recommended people to acquire Bitcoin (BTC), gold, and silver in order to weather future recession storms.

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As an industry participant, Oscar believes that crypto is the right investment because it has several advantages such as being able to trade 24 hours a day without being bound by time zones, having global price movements, and having high technological innovation because it is supported by blockchain technology, which is indeed growing.

To try his hand at trading crypto assets, Oscar Darmawan also gives ideas and guidance, one of the most crucial of which is time and money management.

“I believe that the first quality of a trader is effective time management and financial management.” “A trader does not need to observe crypto movements all the time, but must be able to select the best trading period and split time with other tasks; having time management skills does require continual training and cannot be immediate,” he stated.

In order to estimate how much cash will be spent trading, a trader must also have solid financial management abilities and make certain financial postings. Traders can also use the stop loss mechanism to limit losses if the asset price falls lower.

Oscar mentioned that before trading crypto assets, a trader must create a trading plan that includes which Crypto Assets to buy and risk management if things do not go as planned.

“Liquidity must be addressed while purchasing cryptocurrency assets.” Traders can analyze by looking at graph developments of the ups and downs of the crypto asset price or by gathering various information such as market capitalization, supply and demand,

the community, technology, and news about the progress of crypto assets, as well as news about global macroeconomic developments. “Traders can read online news from domestic and international news sites, or visit CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko to see a crypto asset’s whitepaper,” he stated.

Finally, being able to manage yourself and apply investment discipline is critical. Traders must stick to a pre-determined trading plan, invest with cold money, be patient, and avoid FOMO.

“By continuing to understand the crypto trading system, we may harvest significant rewards even if we don’t start with a lot of money.” “Traders should not become comfortable to the point where they stop learning or fixate on prior mistakes and failures,” he said.

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Indodax is Indonesia’s largest and most reputable crypto asset trading firm, trading over 200 crypto assets and serving over 5.3 million users, with transactions starting at Rp. 10 thousand. Members can consult an offline counter located in the Sudirman office center in South Jakarta and Sunset Road in Bali.