How to Strengthen and Stabilize a WiFi Network 2022 – How to Strengthen and Stabilize a WiFi Network 2022 With the advancement of modern technology and the requirement for a network for daily activities, the internet is frequently a fundamental need for individuals in metropolitan regions today, where all activities such as studying, attending school, and working require the internet.

The internet is a communication network that connects one technological medium to another. To satisfy the demands of the internet, an electrical device that can exchange data wirelessly or via radio waves is required, and many people choose to use WiFi because of its convenience.

How to Strengthen and Stabilize a WiFi Network 2022

How to Strengthen and Stabilize a WiFi Network 2022 WiFi may be used as a network source by a variety of devices, including laptops, cellphones, desktops, tablets, and many more. You won’t run out of quota if you utilize WiFi, but if too many people use it, the network performance or WiFi internet connection will suffer.

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Aside from that, different disruptions such as wireless interference, network settings, and technical difficulties can all create WiFi interference

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Various Factors Contributing to Slow WiFi

In order to find the best remedy for a poor WiFi connection, you must first identify the source of the problem. The following are some of the possible causes of a sluggish WiFi connection.

The WiFi router is not in a decent location.

The first reason that can create a problem with WiFi signal connection is inappropriate router placement, where the router is put in a confined room, on the floor, or in a location with poor internet signal might cause your WiFi network to be slow

The WiFi LAN cable has been unplugged.
The second element that might create WiFi signal connection issues is when the LAN cable used to connect the router device is unplugged.

It’s a good idea to always verify whether the LAN cable or Local Area Network is correctly placed before using a WiFi router, and make sure the LAN cable can operate properly so that there is no interference with your WiFi network.

Abundant capacity
The third issue that might cause a problem with WiFi signal connectivity is when too many individuals utilize the network at the same time.
This is because the quantity of users can impact internet speed, and this aspect is frequently present in public areas that offer free WiFi.

Methods for Increasing WiFi Network Strength

Making use of a signal enhancer app
The first thing you can do to fix or enhance your WiFi network on your device is to download an app that can boost the signal.

WiFi Signal Booster, WiFi Master, WiFi Manager, and WiFi Doctor are some signal booster programs that you may try. You can get them for Android devices from the Google Play Store and for iOS devices via the App Store.

You may utilize the application’s different functions to improve the WiFi network on your device, such as the Boost feature, which is beneficial for strengthening and enhancing the WiFi signal on your device.

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Examining your gadget case

The second thing you may do to fix or improve the WiFi network on your device is to see whether the device case you’re using is potentially interfering with the WiFi signal. The casing is sometimes composed of metal, which might interfere with signal reception on the device.

Perform two speed tests on your device: the first utilizing your gadget case, and the second comparing the performance when you use the case against when you don’t use the case.

Install the latest firmware

The next thing you can do to restore or enhance your WiFi network is to see whether the firmware on your device has been updated. Because an unupdated firmware might be one of the reasons why your device’s connection or WiFi signal is poor.

To update the firmware or firmware, go to your device’s settings, open the option about gadget, and then proceed to the system or software update area.

Examine your device’s WiFi settings

The fourth thing you may do to fix or improve your WiFi network on your device is to check the WiFi setting service.

You may accomplish this by heading to the settings option on your device, then selecting the WiFi option and advanced settings, and the gadget will only display WiFi that has high connection quality and avoid WiFi with bad connection circumstances.

Modify the WiFi frequency on your device.

The fifth thing you may do to fix or improve your WiFi network on your device is to adjust the WiFi frequency.

In typically, the frequency utilized by devices is 2.4 GHz, which has a wide reach and a powerful signal.

However, because many other device users utilize this frequency, there are frequently interruptions as a result. It is advised that you adjust the frequency of your device to 5 GHz, which has more open space and is not as busy as the 2.4 GHz band.

To modify the WiFi frequency on your device, open the settings option, then go to the WiFi option, then pick the Advanced Settings option, and lastly select the WiFi Frequency Band option.

Reposition the router in a more strategic location.

The sixth thing you can do to fix or improve your WiFi network on your device is to position the WiFi router strategically. Because the router’s range is confined to specific places, this occurs.

A router that is obstructed by a wall might interfere with the signal and internet connection to your device; thus, locate a spot close to you where the WiFi router connection will not be interfered with.

Prevent others from using your WiFi.

The seventh thing you can do to restore or enhance your WiFi network on your device is to prohibit others from using it. Because of the easy password, your house’s WiFi is frequently utilized by neighbors.

Using complicated passwords, such as digits and symbols, is one way to avoid this. Furthermore, you may update your WiFi password at home on a frequent basis, limiting the likelihood of WiFi password breaches.

Another thing you may do is enable Broadcast SSIB in your home WiFi settings, which will make it difficult for others to locate WiFi in your home.

Examining the WiFi Router Antenna

The eighth thing you can do to enhance or strengthen the WiFi network on your device is to inspect the router’s antenna. In general, each router has two antennas on the rear that are used to gather signals.

By adjusting the direction of the antenna beam, router antennas may be utilized to speed up your WiFi network. You might try turning it in the opposite direction of the router’s antenna’s original orientation.

Your WiFi router should also be kept away from the house’s ground or floor, because the material on the floor or ground is less capable of spreading WiFi signals correctly.You may speed up your WiFi network in your house by changing the location.

Changing the WiFi Router

The ninth thing you may do to fix or enhance your WiFi network on your device is to replace your home WiFi router. The most common reason for a deteriorating internet connection is that the old router is no longer maintained.

Routers that have been in use for a long time frequently degrade the internet network at your house; it is preferable to replace the router with higher quality specifications or to request that your subscription WiFi expert replace the existing router with a new one.

Install a WiFi Repeater

The tenth technique to repair or strengthen your WiFi network on your device is to install a WiFi repeater device, which operates to forward the internet network from the original router to a new network, resulting in greater coverage and improved internet quality.

You may locate a suitable WiFi Repeater device on your own, as well as an antenna with a high dB (Decibel), because the greater the dB (Decibel) of a WiFi Repeater device, the better and wider the signal coverage and connection.

With a price range of one hundred thousand to three hundred thousand, you may currently purchase a WiFi Repeater gadget. In general, utilizing a WiFi Repeater is simple; simply pushing the WPS button on the WiFi router connects the device to the internet.

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Methods for Internet Network Stability

If you’ve tried all of the solutions listed above and your internet network is still having troubles, it’s possible that the problem is caused by something else. Check out the following methods for stabilizing your internet connection.

Examining the online pages you visit

The first step you can take to stabilize the internet network is to examine the websites you frequent. Many websites will keep cookies, cache, and history, which include all of the information about the web pages you view.

Cleaning the browser program that you use on a regular basis, because the internet connection frequently gets unreliable due to the browser application storing too much data, including cookies, cache, and history.

Avoid opening many browser tabs at once.

The second thing you can do to stabilize the internet network is to avoid opening too many tabs in the browser application. We frequently forget to close tabs that we no longer use, which can damage the connection from the internet network on your device.

With so many tabs open at once, your device’s performance will suffer. It is preferable to open only the relevant tabs and close them when not in use.

Upgrade the anti-virus software on your device.

The third step you may do to stabilize your internet connection is to check the anti-virus software on your device to see whether it has been updated to the most recent version. Because the browser you use to access websites is frequently infected with viruses that might disrupt your internet connection.

So, if you are experiencing problems with your internet connection, you should check the anti-virus software that is installed on your device, since if it is not working properly, it might cause your internet to be unstable.

Contacting the internet service’s call center

The quickest way to stabilize your internet connection is to check the status of your internet connection by connecting to the technology of the internet service you use.

If you’ve tried everything to improve your internet connection but it’s still unstable, you may contact a call center to find out what’s wrong with it. There are frequent issues with the internet service that you use.


This is how you can improve the WiFi signal in your house. First and first, you must understand what is causing your home internet or WiFi connection to fail so that you may locate the appropriate remedy.

There is also advice on how to stabilize the network if the internet connection is still having troubles, in addition to several techniques to boost the network signal via WiFi.

The different solutions to fix WiFi described above are intended to assist those of you who are experiencing issues with routers, networks, or poor WiFi connections. Hopefully, Grameds will find this post valuable, because Gramedia, as #FriendsWithoutLimits, will constantly strive to give the greatest information and answers for all of you.

Nowadays, the usage of Wifi, Hotspot, LAN, and Internet Sharing has grown widespread in the community and is an integral part of our everyday life. Many people use it on a daily basis, but few grasp the concept, how to develop it, how to utilize it, and other important features.