How to Start Trading Forex Online from ZERO for Beginners – How to Start Trading Forex Online from ZERO for Beginners, If you have a bank account, you will be able to save money there for later withdrawal.

Well, after opening a forex trading account, you will also be able to put funds into the account, then use the money deposited for forex trading, then later it can be withdrawn plus the profits if you are successful.

How to Start Trading Forex Online from ZERO for Beginners

Because you will be depositing funds into an account supplied by a broker, you must carefully pick a broker from the start.

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Most beginners are trapped by the promises of fraudsters under the guise of brokers, so instead of being successful they go bankrupt.

Open a trading account with a reliable broker who has a clear office address, an operating license from an approved government body, and a solid reputation.

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The next criterion is to select a forex broker that has minimum deposit requirements so that you may begin practicing forex trading at a young age.

There’s nothing wrong with seeking advice from more experienced coworkers. However, do not be fooled by the promise of huge gains; because the broker just acts as a trading facilitator, it is impossible to guarantee earnings of any kind.

Go to the broker’s website when you’ve found the greatest and most reliable broker. Look for the menus “Open Demo Account” or “Register Trading Account.” Fill out the form that comes after clicking on the menu.

In general, the trading account registration form will require you to enter your complete name, residence address (as it appears on your ID card), an active email address, and/or a mobile phone number.

Other characteristics include account type and deposit currency type (usually USD), however these are not always the same across brokers. Examples include:

how to get started in forex trading from scratch

Because it is done online, creating a trading account normally takes only a few minutes. Following that, you will be able to practice trading using the demo account information supplied to you through email by the broker. The temporary account status, however, has not been validated.

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You will be prompted to verify if you wish to trade for real money (do not practice on a demo account first). Typically, you must submit a photo or scan your KTP/Passport/SIM as evidence of identification, as well as scan your savings book/electricity bill slip/water bill slip/other bills as proof of domicile.

It’s a good idea to prepare these documents ahead of time so that the verification procedure may be finished swiftly.

Online Forex Trading Platform Download

Even though your registration has not yet been validated, you may already obtain your username, password, and a link to download the trading program after completing the registration procedure.

There are also brokers who do not send a download link directly, but instead require you to login to the Member.

Area before you can find a platform to download and install. In the Member Area, you can also verify your account, manage deposits and withdrawals, and more.