How to Cultivate Cocoa Plants and their Care – How to Cultivate Cocoa Plants and their Care, Theobroma cacao L, the Latin name for cocoa, is native to the United States. Cocoa pods are used as components in processed chocolate, which is widely consumed.

The geographical conditions of Indonesia are ideal for cocoa growing. As a result, many farmers grow cocoa plants. Not unexpectedly, Indonesia is the world’s third largest cocoa producer, accounting for 13% of global demand.

How to Cultivate Cocoa Plants and their Care

How to Cultivate Cocoa Plants and their Care,If you want to try cultivating it, you must first learn how to properly cultivate cocoa plants.This time, however, we will give detailed instructions on how to produce cocoa trees.

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Preparation of the land

  • The first step is to prepare the loose soil.
  • Then tillage it by shoveling it many times and cleansing it of weeds.
  • Manure should be added to ensure optimal cocoa plant development.
  • Shade can be provided by legume cover crops and cover crops such as lamtoro.
  • Make a bed with a planting hole that is 60 x 60 x 60 cm.


Cacao seedling can be accomplished both generatively and vegetatively. Sowing cocoa beans allows for sexual reproduction. While growing via cuttings or grafting.


  • Before planting, ensure that the shade tree is healthy and at least a year old.
  • Prepare cocoa seeds that are between 5 and 6 months old.
  • Install bamboo stakes at a height of 1 m.
  • Plant the seeds 3 x 3 m apart in each planting hole.

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Plant upkeep is required for cocoa plants to develop properly. There are various tasks to do, including:

Watering is done twice daily (morning and evening)

Ditugal fertilizes the soil with urea, TSP, and KCl. The fertilization dosage is changed based on the plant’s age. The initial fertilizing occurs two months after planting. Every four months, subsequent fertilization is performed.

Weeds that develop around the cocoa plants are pulled on a regular basis.
When the plant is 4-6 months old, the initial pruning is done by clipping the shoots. After that, when the plant is 7-9 months old, clip the lateral branches.
Land sanitation is responsible for pest and disease management. Pesticides and fungicides are also permitted.


Cocoa pods can be harvested 5-6 months after blossoming begins. Cocoa pods with harvestable features are yellow or crimson. Harvesting is accomplished by plucking the fruit stalk with fruit scissors and leaving 1/3 of the fruit stalk on the tree.

Cacao farming needs a great deal of patience and persistence. In addition to the somewhat longer time necessary from sowing to harvesting, cocoa plant care and maintenance must be prioritized in order to optimize cocoa pod yield.