Home Business Opportunities in the Village that are Profitable and Promising

Webeltime.com – Home Business Opportunities in the Village that are Profitable and Promising Don’t worry, villagers; there are many home-based business opportunities in the village that can help your economic life move quickly.

This is because the village is no longer a remote location associated with poverty, limited job opportunities, and so on. On the other hand, the village now offers numerous exceptional business opportunities.

One of the forces driving the growth of home-based business opportunities in the village is the advancement of communication technology, particularly the internet network. Because of advances in Internet technology, the village is no longer isolated from the city.

Home Business Opportunities in the Village that are Profitable and Promising

In fact, the village has many commodities that the city dwellers do not. Various small capital businesses in the village can be developed profitably on a small capital scale.

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Here are 20 home-based business opportunities in the village that can now be developed into potential revenue streams and are simple to establish both offline and online. These opportunities are classified into two types of business models: offline and online.

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Is a type of profitable business opportunity that can be developed at home by focusing on the local market, specifically the village area in which we live and its surroundings. Consumers who visit our homes and purchase the products or services we offer generate revenue in this business model.

1. Opportunities for Offline Business

Because the majority of our customers are people we know, trust is a critical foundation in this business opportunity. Poor product quality or insufficient service will be a major impediment to our success.

1. Jasa’s Haircut and Body Care

Do you remember going to a barbershop years ago and being offered a choice of hairstyles from posters containing various hairstyles for men at the time? The images on the poster are no longer effective. Because there are now far more options for modern hairstyles.

Haircuts, especially for young people today, are no longer sufficient with a neat or standard cut. They will now be accompanied by a model that is displayed on the screen of their mobile phone. Everyone nowadays believes that hairstyles have a significant impact on their overall appearance. This excludes various colored hair dye models.

There is a lot more to this hair for women. Various services, such as cream baths and facial skin care, can be provided. Villagers are in desperate need of these various services, which include home-based business opportunities in the village that are very effective at earning rupiah.

2. Introducing Sewing Services

Business in the fashion sector is a type of small capital business opportunity that has no limits, including clothing-related businesses. You see, nowadays everyone wants to appear attractive to others. Clothing today, unlike in the past, is more than just a sheet of cloth covering the body to satisfy ethics.

Rather, it has been transformed into an aesthetically pleasing piece of art that reveals the wearer’s social class. Furthermore, there are so many different clothing models that everyone is willing to spend money to get the newest model of clothing.

The problem is that getting new clothes is difficult for the villagers due to the long distance from the city, and the prices are not favorable if they must always buy in the city. So sewing clothes is a way to answer these two questions: getting the clothes you want at a reasonable price.

Not to mention people with abnormally large or small bodies. So, starting a sewing service is a home-based business opportunity in the village that you should pursue. You see, this service is really based on a tailor’s personal ability, so a tailor who is good at making good pieces of clothing with good sewing quality is ideal.

This combination will entice many people to line up for his services.

3. Food Industry Business

If you enjoy combining spices and food ingredients at home and your creations impress your family, it’s time to consider a home-based business opportunity in this village: culinary.

This is a business that will never die and can be started anywhere, at any time, with any amount of capital. Why is this so? Yes, because you can sell a variety of foods based on your expertise in making them.

If you’re good at preparing village specialties, start offering a variety of vegetables and side dishes. You don’t need to rent a roadside kiosk because the most reliable marketing in the village is through ‘power of mouth,’ also known as word of mouth promotion.

As soon as people match the taste you offer, word of your delectable cuisine will quickly spread throughout the village. As a result, many mothers will come to buy every morning. They are mothers who do not want to waste time and energy in the kitchen, so they choose to buy vegetables and side dishes.


Accepting large food orders (catering) for celebration events, meetings, and so on can expand opportunities for home-based businesses in the food sector. Everything can be done and held at home.

4. Service for Laundry

Who said only city dwellers carried piles of dirty clothes to the laundry service? This service is also required by the villagers. When you do the math, using a laundry service or washing clothes can be much more cost effective than doing it yourself at home.

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Mothers will have more time to do other things if they hand over dirty clothes to the laundry. Washing yourself increases water bills in addition to increasing electricity bills due to being sucked in by the washing machine.

Not to mention the time-consuming ironing task. That is why the majority of people now choose laundry as the solution.

You can start a business like this in your own home by using the patio or front room. To run this business, all you need is a washing machine, scales, an iron, and a plastic bag.

The advantage of this business is that you have a large yard for drying and don’t have to leave the house. If you provide shuttle services, your home business opportunities in this village will be enormous.

5. Shop for groceries

This has been demonstrated. A common type of business is a grocery store that sells daily necessities. One of the keys to its success is the availability of a wide range of goods and prices.

So you must be astute in order to locate a wholesale store or a low-cost wholesaler. Although it is not a business that can generate large and quick profits, the main benefit of managing this business is that there is always cash flow, aka money every day, so your family is not threatened with starvation because they run out of ammunition. Do you want your shop to expand quickly?

You must develop a good service system for all buyers, the majority of whom are your neighbors. One method is to set aside profits from your shop’s sales and distribute Eid gifts to your neighbors once a year, for example, before Eid.

This is one way to bind them to becoming fanatical buyers in our store, in addition to maintaining friendship. Another thing is that I am always friendly to everyone. Because of the election, many shops in the village have been abandoned by buyers.

This is a fact about iknya stingy smile.

6. Construction and Furniture Services

The service of making various household utensils such as cupboards, chairs, beds, doors, windows, and frames is a home-based business opportunity in the village that is currently in high demand.

This includes various tool repair services. You see, not everyone will purchase a new tool if only a portion of it is damaged. These various needs can be turned into profitable business opportunities. The key is the subtlety of the product you’re processing, as well as the design that captures the attention of your neighbors.

You don’t even have to do this yourself; instead, hire someone who is skilled in shaving, cutting, and general carpentry.

While you are more involved in marketing, i.e. looking for buyers, collecting designs, and searching for low-cost raw materials.

Why is this business interesting? Because the various wood products sold in cities are mostly done by people from the village. So, why travel to the city to purchase household appliances? After all, ordering tools directly from the manufacturer will be much less expensive than purchasing them at a city furniture store.

7. Farming Catfish

In the next village, there is a home-based business opportunity. When you choose this type of business, you have many options. To begin, you can cultivate special catfish nurseries.

This means that all you have to do is figure out how to get the mother catfish to lay eggs and produce thousands of seeds. All that remains is to provide special food, such as silk worms, for the seeds to grow to a certain body size. There’s no need to worry because catfish breeding breeders will come to your house to purchase it.

Second, you raise catfish in order for them to be raised and ready for consumption. You must provide special pools in your yard or around your house for this. Catfish have the advantage of being able to survive in cloudy water conditions.

Catfish farming is not only easy to sell because many restaurants serve catfish on their menus, but it can also meet the family’s nutritional needs.

8. Chicken Farming

Free-range chicken meat cannot be substituted with chicken pieces. The nutritional quality and safety of free-range chicken meat from various diseases make free-range chicken consumption a need that is growing today.

Raising free-range chickens for restaurant consumption is a home-based business opportunity in the village that you should consider. Your pet chickens can be dropped off in the city. The main source of capital for you is land in the village, which is still relatively large.

Only the villagers have the potential to grow this business. Furthermore, this business will provide nutritional guarantees for your own family because eating chicken raised by yourself is unquestionably less expensive than dining out.

9. Mushroom oyster

Do you want to make money every day? The solution is to work on developing oyster mushrooms. In a strategic village, oyster mushroom farming is a home-based business opportunity. First and foremost, this business can be started with a small amount of money.

Second, the raw materials required for this type of mushroom growth media are widely available in the village at low prices, such as sawdust, lime, and bran, which are commonly used as ingredients in chicken food.

Other items used include drums and plastic, which are required when cooking baglog or logs. Wood is used as the fuel for boiling logs. The advantage you have is that villagers’ houses are typically large, allowing you to store thousands of mushroom logs later.

You can learn about the ingredients, processing, and marketing of these mushrooms from the internet or from people who have done it before. If you have made a growing medium for this fungus on a regular basis, it will grow every day.

10. Agriculture that is organic

This home-based business opportunity in this village is very appealing to develop and sell in the city. Organic food has high nutritional levels and is extremely healthy to consume. That is why city dwellers began looking for organic food.

Do the villagers dislike it? It’s not that they don’t like it; on the contrary, most of the food consumed in the village is organic. Well, with the village soil fertility and still being relatively free of chemical contamination, organic agriculture in the village is very feasible. To be clear, organic major vegetables are significantly more expensive than conventional vegetables.

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Nowadays, everyone requires design services for banners, shop signboards, salons, and other types of businesses. They also require this service for various events such as weddings.

11. Services for design and printing

knya is a home-based business opportunity in the village that you should take advantage of. This business can be expanded into document writing, printing, and photocopying services. You can attract several customers at once in this type of business, such as photocopying, typing documents, printing, and binding.

The ability to create beautiful designs is a necessary advantage. Don’t worry, you can learn these skills on your own or through online tutorials. There is only one requirement: you must own a computer or laptop and be interested in the world of art, particularly graphic design.

Some profitable village home-based business opportunities that can be developed offline include:

Is a type of business that operates through the use of internet-based communication technology. Don’t get me wrong: there are 131 million internet users in Indonesia, which means that half of the country’s citizens, including villagers, are actively using the internet. Almost every young person has heard of this one thing.

This figure indicates that the majority of the villagers already have internet access for a variety of purposes. So, in fact, it is very interesting to develop a business in the village using internet technology, particularly social media. So, by utilizing internet technology, the business has become one of the intriguing home-based business opportunities in the village to be developed.

Furthermore, online business is not synonymous with complicated technology or remote buying and selling, but can also be used to create businesses that meet the needs of the villagers themselves. Here are some digital technology or internet-based home-based business opportunities in villages:

1. Online Sales of Village Culinary Products

The benefit of buying and selling online is that you don’t need to build or rent an expensive shop. You also don’t have to buy the product wholesale and then sell it. However, because you can only act as a marketer, you can sell other people’s products or goods.

The village has many products that can be sold online, ranging from culinary specialties, such as village food that can be sent by post, to clothing. Dry foods such as peanut brittle and various types of crackers are examples. You can also sell gudeg, rendang, and other items with good packaging.

Even a mother in Sidoarjo can earn Rp. 3 million per day by selling pecel. What is the procedure? Pecel is boiled and dried before being packed tightly in airtight plastic packaging. The sambal is also available in a dry form. Buyers simply add boiling water before eating.

Typical village food is something that everyone, especially those who live in cities, misses. Because typical village food has a flavor that cannot be replicated by city restaurants. It is obvious that this is a home-based business opportunity in the village that should be developed.

2. Providing Village-Related Accessories and Souvenirs

In the village, selling souvenirs is a lucrative home-based business opportunity. As did Borneo-B, an online store that sells a variety of accessories, the main draw being Daya Kalimantan beads.

The beads or so-called quality handmade beads from Kalimantan have proven to be capable of capturing the hearts of a wide range of women in both domestic and international markets.

Boreo-B products have also frequently been seen in national and international fashion shows.

As a result, in addition to providing employment for the Dayak women who make these accessories, Borneo has gained international recognition. Borneo-B not only succeeded in selling the beauty of women’s accessories, but also in bringing the work of the Indonesian people to the world’s attention.

3. Online Furniture Sales

For years, Jepara woodcarvers sold the beauty of their works by setting up galleries on the side of the road in the city of Jepara. However, some of these natural artists are now selling their wares via the internet. They made a lot of money because they cut their marketing costs drastically.

Carpenters in Temuwuh Village, Dlingo, Bantul, Yogyakarta followed the same procedure. Villagers in Gunungkidul Regency’s hills no longer need to travel around towns and villages with carts selling doors, windows, and various wooden tools they make.

However, it is sufficient to display photos of all their tools on the market place page, also known as the online market, and orders are received from there. Because of this method of operation, selling furniture online is a very profitable home-based business opportunity in the village.

4. Creating an Online Village Store for Sale

The village is the primary market for this online store. You can look for various products that the villagers require and sell them. As an example, suppose s

Because farmers make up the majority of your village’s population, you can sell various agricultural tools to the residents.

The benefit of this buying and selling system is that you will be able to offer lower prices than residents who must buy directly from city stores. Because they are sold directly from the factory, online sales can reduce distribution costs.

Not only agricultural tools, but also various needs such as food, clothing, and all equipment such as shoes, beauty tools, and so on. Your store will outperform the store at lower prices.

However, the advantage of an online store is that it can present products that are not widely available in stores in your village or city.

5. Services for Website Development and Management

This is one of the most intriguing home-based business opportunities available in the village right now. Everyone nowadays, including villagers, requires a website and its management. A tourist village is one example. Tourist villages require visitors from outside the village, so they must promote themselves online.

The great thing about this job is that it does not require living in a city because it can be done from even the most remote villages as long as there is an internet connection.

If you develop this business in the village, you will have the advantage of charging the same rate as people in the city.

When you live in a village, you automatically have a high income. That is why website development services can be turned into a home-based business opportunity in the village.

6. Learn to Write Content

Content writers are writers who work for websites. This job does not necessitate the use of an office space because all that is required is a laptop and an internet connection.

You can even use your cellphone to establish an internet connection.

All of the materials make use of the various information resources available in cyberspace, so you don’t even have to leave your seat to complete this work.

Content writing is a type of job that arose after the internet became an important source of information as it is today. To become a content writer, you must be a good writer.

What constitutes good writing? In essence, it can generate writing that is easy to read and includes promotional messages as desired by the website for which you are creating content.

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You must always keep up with trending issues and the latest news by visiting various websites in online media, blogs, and other cyberspace content that supports the discourse you require.

Because of its simplicity, this is a home-based business opportunity in the village that you can run.

7. Creating a Website or a Blogger

His name is Jl. Serayu Raya, Menowo Village, Kedungsari District, Magelang, Central Java, where young people spend their days in front of laptop computers, earning millions of rupiah each month that flows into their accounts.

The Blogger Village can be found here. It is so named because the majority of young people enter the world of blogging. Becoming a blogger entails running a blog or website and producing consistent, routine, and high-quality content by uploading posts, pictures, and videos on a regular basis. Can this be profitable?

Don’t get me wrong: this activity eliminates the need for village youths to travel and generates millions of rupiah in monthly revenue. Even though they continue to live in their village, their living expenses are the same as the villagers’. The youth of Menowo Village demonstrated that they could earn a lot of money doing this sophisticated work even in the village.

8. Establishing an Internet Cafe

Opening an internet cafe is another home-based business opportunity in the village. Everyone now has a smartphone with an internet connection. However, surfing the internet on a smartphone is not the same as surfing on a PC or large screen computer.

After all, surfing and downloading on a smartphone will eat up your time.

Don’t get me wrong: this activity eliminates the need for village youths to travel and generates millions of rupiah in monthly revenue. Even though they continue to live in their village, their living expenses are the same as the villagers’. The youth of Menowo Village demonstrated that they could earn a lot of money doing this sophisticated work even in the village.

9. Establishing an Internet Cafe

Opening an internet cafe is another home-based business opportunity in the village. Everyone now has a smartphone with an internet connection. However, surfing the internet on a smartphone is not the same as surfing on a PC or large screen computer.

After all, surfing and downloading on a smartphone will consume a large amount of data, draining your wallet. Warnet is one of the village’s home-based business opportunities that is currently in high demand. You can combine an internet cafe with document search services, document printing, and the provision of small meals and drinks to internet users.

9. Wifi-enabled Angkring Warung

Warung angkring is the most practical solution for everyone to have a good time. You can get cheap rice wraps, various types of fried foods and side dishes, sipping hot coffee, ginger koi, ginger tea, and a variety of warm and cold drinks at this shop.

You can spend as much time as you want with your friends while eating and drinking. This type of stall is open from late afternoon to early morning. Surprisingly, all of these amenities are available at low cost.

is the first step. Free internet, like sugar calling ants, will always attract young people because it provides them with hours of free internet access. Create a fun seat, and your angkringan will never be empty of loyal visitors.

There are currently 20 home-based business opportunities in the village that are eagerly awaiting your commitment. These types of businesses do not require a lot of capital and can all be run from your home page. Because some of these businesses are not based on everyone’s daily needs, they have a high survival rate. Enjoy your work. (readybusiness.net)