Examining Malaysia’s Health Tourism Industry

Webeltime.comExamining Malaysia’s Health Tourism Industry When it comes to health tourism, Indonesia lags well behind neighboring Malaysia. The neighboring country has been working hard in recent years to develop the potential for health tourism.

KPJ Healthcare Berhard, a part of the Johor Corporation, which is controlled by the Johor government and was founded in 1981, is one of the hospitals with the greatest network in health tourism.

Ilya Arifin, Head of Health Tourism Indonesia and Group Marketing and Corporation Communication KPJ Healthcare Berhard, stated that Healthcare Berhard has been developing health tourism for approximately ten years.

“The development of health tourism has begun to be witnessed in the previous ten years, with an average rise of roughly 25% to 45% every year,” he stated during a meeting on the sidelines of the 2014 Indonesia Travel and Holiday Fair, which took place from Friday (28/2) to Sunday (28/2). JCC Senayan, 2/3)

Examining Malaysia’s Health Tourism Industry

To date, the organization, which operates 24 speciality hospitals in Malaysia and Singapore, as well as two hospitals in Indonesia, has serviced over 2.5 million patients every year, with 2.4 million being outpatients and the remaining 2.4 million being inpatients.

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These patients come from a variety of nations, including the 20 countries that provide the most health care.

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Indonesia is in first place, dominated by Sumatran cities such as Medan, Aceh, Pekanbaru, and Batam. Meanwhile, the remaining Asean members are from Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Thailand.

As you can imagine, the country has been able to draw in 2.5 million patients who are also tourists from only one facility. Not to add that each patient typically takes friends or family with them.

“The majority of patients come from Indonesia. There are also just three patients seeking therapy, yet ten people attend with their families and nurses. We collaborate extensively with airlines and travel brokers to promote health tourism “He stated.

The hospital group generated more over RM2 billion (Rp7 trillion) in revenue in 2012, with a profit before zakat and taxes of RM196.9 million (Rp697 billion).

Meanwhile, it is still being considered in Indonesia and is confined to a demonstration. There have been no tangible efforts taken by either the hospital or the government to enhance and prepare themselves in terms of both service quality and health.

In fact, two hospitals, Hasan Sadikin Hospital in Bandung and Dr. Hospital Cipto in Jakarta, are already planning to expand as health tourism destinations.

“Our potential is actually rather big, and it needs to be realized.”

We have begun many advanced medical facilities, but if the hospital itself is not ready for quality treatment, it would be difficult for us travel agents to advertise it in tour packages,” said Asnawi Bahar, President of the Indonesian Tours and Travel Agencies Association (Asita).

Meanwhile, National Institution CEO Rudi Surjanto stated that the hospital is ready to compete with worldwide hospitals, particularly Malaysian ones.

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“This National Hospital will continue to provide current technologies to diverse health services.” “We hope that all of the facilities we supply will be able to give treatments to local patients, eliminating the need for them to travel overseas,” Rudi remarked.

When asked if he wanted to become one of Surabaya’s health tourism hotspots, Rudi confessed that he did.
One of the goals is to continue to supplement the current amenities, such as plans for hotel construction and the availability of previously existing restaurant facilities.

PT Surabaya Jasa Medika, a joint venture between PT Istana Mobil Surabaya Indah and PT Grande Family View, established this world quality hospital (a subsidiary of PT Intiland Development Tbk).

“One of the primary goals of the National Hospital development is to eliminate the necessity for inhabitants of Surabaya and other cities to seek care in other countries. We can support the country by receiving treatment locally so that foreign exchange does not run overseas “He stated.

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