Definitely worth a shot. This is the Best Online Meeting Software – This is the Best Online Meeting Software. Video conferencing tools are still required, especially since the work-from-home policy was implemented during the epidemic.

Workers, students, and anybody else may complete tasks and engage with colleagues even if they are geographically apart.

Definitely worth a shot. This is the Best Online Meeting Software

This is the Best Online Meeting Software. The following are suggested applications for online meetings among the different video conferencing programs available.

Definitely worth a shot. This is the Best Online Meeting Software

1. Zoom

The first is Zoom Cloud Meetings, which rose to prominence during the early days of the Covid-19 outbreak. The benefit of Zoom over other meeting programs is that it includes a large number of functions.

Zoom meetings may accommodate up to 1000 participants and display 49 movies on the screen. The Zoom program can also record your activity while using it. Another useful tool in Zoom is the scheduling option, which can also be used as a reminder. You may plan future Zoom meetings.

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2. Meet Google

Google Meet is a straightforward video conferencing solution for online meetings. This Google output application may only be used by signing in through the web; no installation is required. Google Meet is also accessible as an application for mobile devices, in addition to the browser.

Google Meet features an appealing user interface as well. Google Meet, while simple, offers clear iconography that make it easy for novice users.

The application’s size is likewise not very enormous, thus lagging is unlikely. Google, as a Google Meet provider, has also assured that your data on Google Meet is completely secure.

3. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a meeting program that was developed by Microsoft. The Microsoft Teams program, which is an upgrade of the Skype for Business service, is also popular in Indonesia.

Microsoft Teams has an advantage over comparable programs in that it is connected with other Microsoft services such as Microsoft Office.

The ability to modify shared files is a fantastic extra feature that is exclusively accessible in Microsoft Teams. Changes to the contents of the work file can be made while the meeting is taking place.

4. Lifesize

If you require the greatest video conferencing program available, Lifesize may be the solution. This program is powered by 4K Video Conferencing technology, which makes your online conference seem like a face-to-face meeting. Video conferencing displays are often limited to HD only.

Lifesize, on the other hand, has 4K technological characteristics that make the display crisper and sharper. You may enjoy 4K data transfer, 4K monitor display, and 4K camera as long as your device supports it. Furthermore, Lifesize has a larger than typical participation capacity of up to 300 persons.

5. Jeans in blue

The Blue Jeans video conferencing program simulates an in-person conference in a movie theater. Because of the Dolby Voice technology, this app is well-known for its audio quality.

When you are in an online conference, you will hear audio that is crystal clear. Blue Jeans not only has crystal clear audio, but it also has high definition (HD) visual quality.

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6. Webex Meeting with Cisco

Cisco Webex Meeting, often known as Webex, is the next online meeting program. Try Cisco Webex Meeting for free video conferencing with the highest level of security.

Even if it is free, you may utilize its main features, one of which is the poll function, which allows you to support question and answer activities. This program may be used for team collaboration as well as video conferencing.

So it may be used not just for meetings, but also for messaging, exchanging files and media, and connecting to cloud storage.