Broiler Duck Livestock Business Opportunities – Broiler Duck Livestock Business Opportunities Broiler duck or cut duck is a worthwhile venture. The high demand for duck meat supply represents an excellent opportunity for breeders.

Culinary businesses are sprouting up in major cities such as Medan, Surabaya, and Jakarta. The typical establishment serves duck meat on its menu. The flavor and texture of this webbed poultry meat are distinct, more fibrous, and well-liked by fans.

Broiler Duck Livestock Business Opportunities

Broiler Duck Livestock Business Opportunities Broiler Duck Harvesting in the Twenty-First Century .The method of raising local broiler ducks is nearly identical to that of hybrid laying ducks; the difference is that broiler ducks are more focused on fattening, whereas laying eggs are more focused on egg production. The broiler duck cultivation cycle is relatively short, with harvest occurring within 50 days.

Broiler Duck Livestock Business Opportunities

Those of you interested in starting a duck farm should consider several factors, including:

  • Cut duck seed selection
  • Enlarge the enclosure
  • Duck feed made from meat.
  • system of maintenance
  • The harvesting procedure.

Cut Duck Seeds Selection

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A good broiler duck is a type of duck that grows quickly and gains weight. Peking ducks, Serati ducks, Entok ducks, and hybrid ducks are the most common duck breeds kept by breeders.

Duck in Peking

Peking duck is a superior cut of duck from China. Many breeders in China keep this duck as the main production machine for duck meat. Within 45 days, a Peking duck can reach a weight of 1 – 1.5 kg. Peking ducks are yellowish in color at the time of DOD; as they grow older, the color will turn white. The price of a box of Peking duck DOD is usually Rp. 750.000. (100 head).

Duck Fiber

The Serati Duck is the result of a male duck mating with a female duck. Because this duck is usually sterile, it can be used as a duck cut. If provided with adequate animal feed, the Serati duck grows quickly. The maintenance period is 10 weeks, and the slaughter weight is approximately 2.5 kg. The price of Serati duck DOD is Rp. 15,000 per head.


Entok or Entog grows relatively quickly. An adult gecko typically weighs 2 – 3 kg, but it is not uncommon to find an Entok weighing up to 4 kg. Their advantage is that their chest muscles are wider and thicker, resulting in more meat. Entog can adapt to changing feed and environmental conditions. DOD Entok is sold for Rp. 15,000 per head.

Duck Hybrid

A male Peking cross with a female Mojosari produces Hybrid Duck. This duck has a dual purpose because it can be used as both a broiler and a laying duck. Within 45 days, hybrid ducks can weigh 1.2-1.5 kg. This duck can be kept as an egg-printing machine if the meat is not harvested. Hybrid duck DOD is priced at Rp. 1.000.000/box (100 head).

Making an Enlargement Cage
The cage’s primary function is to provide a safe haven for ducks from the elements and predators. A litter cage is typically used to rear broiler ducks.

Litter cages are cages for ducks aged 5-10 weeks that have cement floors sprinkled with husks or cages on stilts with bamboo halves. Each m2 can house 4 birds that are 5-10 weeks old and weigh close to 1.90 kg/head. If the cage’s base is made of bamboo, the distance between the bamboo halves is adjusted to the size of the duck’s feet. This will keep the duck’s feet from falling.

Duck Meat Feed

There is a special feed for broiler ducks known as concentrate. This feed is available at your local farm shop. However, there is one disadvantage to using this feed: the price is quite high, making it uneconomical.

Furthermore, the price of concentrate feed for broiler ducks is already more than Rp. 400,000 per bag, and it is becoming more expensive by the day, forcing farm owners to think fast. Many of them are attempting to mix food in order to meet the feed requirements of their ducks.

The following are the requirements for good duck feed ingredients:

  • Inexpensive
  • Non-toxic
  • Condition: Dry
  • It is not moldy.
  • Not rotten/odorous/musty
  • There is no clumping.
  • Simple to obtain.

How to make broiler duck feed is done by combining various raw materials that contain sources of energy, protein, minerals, and calcium, which is even better when vitamins and probiotics are added.

The following are some examples of energy source feeds:

  • Bran
  • Corn
  • Grain
  • bran
  • onggok
  • Gaplek
  • Cassava
  • Polar
  • Tapioca starch

The following are some protein source feeds:

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  • flour made from fish
  • Meat flour and bone (MBM)
  • Flour made from feathers
  • Blood supper
  • Snail
  • conch
  • Meal made from soybeans
  • Dregs of soy sauce
  • Dregs of tofu
  • Cake with Peanuts
  • Meal made from coconut
  • BSF for maggots.

The composition of the comparison is determined by the preferences of each breeder. However, this is the type of feed that is typically used in broiler duck cultivation.

System of Maintenance

Broiler duck maintenance is typically intensive. Feeding occurs three to four times per day. Duck breeders believe that the more they eat, the faster they can be harvested.

Aside from feeding, disease control is an important consideration in duck farming. Duck disease is most common at the transition between the dry and rainy seasons. As a result, breeders must prepare for disease outbreaks by doing the following:

  • Every day, clean the cage, feed, and water it.
  • Spraying disinfectant on the cage on a regular basis.
  • Routine vaccinations.
  • Quarantine sick ducks in special cages.
  • Everyone who will be entering the farm should be sterilized.

The Harvesting Procedure

The meat duck is, as the name implies, the meat duck that is harvested. Breeders typically sell their harvests to traders or agents of beef duck, which are typically less profitable.

One way to increase the value of livestock products is to process them into finished products that can be sold directly to consumers. Caracas and frozen meat are two examples of processed duck products.

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Capital and cost of 1000 broiler ducks: IDR 28,500,000

DOD price for Peking duck: Rp 7,500 x 1000 = Rp 7,500,000

Feed for 40 days costs IDR 21,000,000 and includes:

2,000 Kg Bran @ Rp 3,500: Rp 7,000,000

Maggot BSF 1,500 Kg @Rp 4,000 : Rp 6,000,000

Rp 8,000,000 for 1,000 kg of concentrate at Rp 8,000

IDR 40,000,000 in sales

IDR 40,000 x 1000 = IDR 40,000,000 for 1.2 kg broiler duck

IDR 11,500,000 profit per period (40 days)

(Rp 40,000,000 – Rp 28,500,000) = Rp 11,500,000 in sales proceeds minus capital and costs.

Broiler duck profit in 40 days is Rp. 11,500,000, which is very profitable, isn’t it? Marketing is crucial in the broiler duck business. Our advice to those of you who want to get into this business is to build your own marketing network so that your profits are stable in the long run.