Alternatif Pengeditan Video CapCut Terbaik 2022 untuk Windows dan Mac – Alternatif Pengeditan Video CapCut Terbaik 2022 untuk Windows dan Mac Previously, CapCut was known as the Viamaker app. It contains new and updated features that will be extremely beneficial to its customers.

This program is an amazing video production software that includes all of the tools required for a video editor. As of today, it has over five million downloads on the Play Store alone, and the iOS version is also becoming a popular video editing tool.

Alternatif Pengeditan Video CapCut Terbaik 2022 untuk Windows dan Mac

Alternatif Pengeditan Video CapCut Terbaik 2022 untuk Windows dan Mac We will teach you how to download CapCut for PC in this article. Many individuals like using the CapCut app. It is one of the top-rated video editors available for free on the Google Play Store.

One of the best aspects of this program is that the video output does not have a watermark, except at the conclusion.Many people would enjoy it only for that because it’s difficult to find effective video editing software without a watermark. It’s no surprise that many people enjoy using CapCut on their computers.

Alternatif Pengeditan Video CapCut Terbaik 2022 untuk Windows dan Mac

The CapCut application’s UI is simple to grasp in terms of usability. It includes video editing capabilities such as stickers, effects, and the ability to add your own sound.

The final video that you may create with it has a resolution of 1080p by default. It contains the greatest quality videos that are clear and detailed. You may also change the resolution to 720p if necessary.

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Alternatives to CapCut Video Editing for Windows and Mac in 2022

1. Film4th

FilmForth is the greatest video editing program for PC in general; it’s a full-featured and free video editing app for Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Trim, crop, add stickers, chroma-keying, transitions, superb special effects, and even make YouTube intros from templates are all included.

It is simple to download and install from the Microsoft Store, and it boasts a straightforward interface that allows you to modify films with a single click.

It is the finest alternative to the CapCut tool for Windows because it is free to use, multipurpose, watermark-free, and beginner-friendly.

2. Filmora

Wondershare’s Filmora is a popular video editing program.

Filmora 11, the most recent upgrade, with endless customisation possibilities, is a fantastic alternative to CapCut for Windows PCs.

However, there is a watermark when exporting the altered video.

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3. VideoPad

NCH software’s VideoPad is a free and beginner-friendly video editing tool similar to CapCut for PC, and it may meet daily demands with numerous simple yet useful capabilities.

It has a short file size and downloads and installs rapidly, making VideoPad a superb video editing tool for Windows PCs and laptops, similar to CapCut.

4. HitFilm Express

This program offers users a video effects package that contains over 600 video special effects such as flash, glitch, blasting, and more.

Normally, this amount of effects requires a paid membership to a video editing tool like Premiere Pro, but HitFilm Express, like the CapCut app for mobile, manages to make one.

5. Movie

This free video editing program is pre-installed on the iPhone, Mac PC, and Mac laptops and may be used for basic video editing.

Movie is a video editing tool that comes pre-installed on Mac computers and allows you to conduct basic video editing tasks like adding text and music to films.

6. DaVinci’s Choice

Users using DaVinci Resolve may edit videos on both Mac and Windows computers.

Users may build an unlimited number of timelines and versions of the same project.

It features a free model as well as a novice model.

It allows users to rapidly and simply do sophisticated modifications, such as copying color gradations from one clip and pasting them into numerous clips.

Furthermore, the advent of 3D video capabilities has made DaVinci Resolve the greatest CapCut option for 3D video.

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7. Lighting Design

Lightworks is not only simple to use, but also strong in film creation.

Lightworks appears to be an appealing alternative to CapCut and other video editing programs when compared to many other possibilities.

8. kapwing

Kapwing is an online video editing tool that allows you to edit videos in your web browser on Windows, Mac, Linux, and other platforms.

Kapwing does offer a premium subscription option.

However, they provide a variety of free video editing options as well as no watermark in exported films.

When dealing with bigger video files, it has lagging difficulties or incorrect errors, but overall performance is adequate.

9. Clipchamp

Clipchamp is a comparable online video editing program to your phone’s CapCut app.

Clipchamp’s editing features contain both basic and professional aspects, and the UI is simple.

Online video editing performance is comparable to Kapwing.

It depends on the size of the video clip and your internet connection, but it usually works great.

Even if you haven’t been trained to edit videos, Clipchamp makes it easier than ever to express tales through video.

10. Adobe Creative Cloud Express

Adobe Creative Cloud Express, previously known as Adobe Spark, is a free online video editing service produced by Adobe.

It features online and mobile tools that enable video editing beginners to edit videos in an appealing manner using basic drag and drop.

With pre-made editing templates and themes, even amateurs, like CapCut, can make spectacular films.

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Final thoughts

This program is a great video editing tool. It’s no surprise that some of us desire to utilize CapCut on PC to reap its benefits. Even for a free program, it offers many of the functionality found in more costly video editing software.