Alex Berenson, a COVID troll, will have his Twitter access restored – Alex Berenson, a COVID troll, will have his Twitter access restored, Hello there, buddies. join us once more in sharing various information like this to you During the epidemic, Berenson became notable for aggressively distributing false information regarding COVID, masks, and vaccinations, as well as for being Twitter Access Restored Troll Alex Berenon.

This time, we’ll talk about information that has gone viral on Twitter. TwitterAccess Restored Troll Alex Berenon gets irritated when media outlets ask him follow-up questions about his work. on the sun After an unusually long and uninhibited run,

Twitter informed NBC’s Ben Collins that Berenson’s account “has been permanently banned for numerous breaches of our COVID-19 misinformation guidelines.”

Alex Berenson, a COVID troll, will have his Twitter access restored

Alex Berenson, a COVID troll, will have his Twitter access restored Twitter later verified the remark to Motherboard. According to a post on Berenson’s substack, his most recent tweet was a link to a pre-print of a huge Israeli research suggesting that natural immunity is superior than vaccination protection.

The manuscript has not been peer-reviewed because it is a pre-print. And, as experts quickly pointed out, placing oneself at danger of serious disease, death, and/or extended COVID rather of getting a vaccination that has been demonstrated to be extraordinarily effective at reducing adverse outcomes isn’t a sensible risk-reward analysis.

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Berenson then attempted to evade his suspension by returning to Twitter using the account of the contentious autism charity. Generation Redemption. (To avoid any misunderstanding, he also authored a Substack entry titled “Hello Twitter! “You may now know me as JB Handley,” he said, holding up a snapshot of the .

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Generation Rescue Twitter account and saying, “New avatar coming shortly. ” Generation Rescue was created in 2005 by millionaire JB Handley and his wife Lisa, who claims that vaccinations caused their children to become autistic.

Its most well-known face and spokesman was actress and anti-vaccine activist Jenny McCarthy, who claimed the same thing about her own kid. Generation Rescue pushed disproved, rejected, and frequently dangerous therapies for autistic children, including those from which its own board members stood to benefit.

After a brief and weird attempt to rebrand as a “functional medicine” company, it unexpectedly closed in 2019. Handley, McCarthy, and Generation Rescue’s final putative executive director, a twenty-something aspiring podcaster called Zack Peter, do not appear to have remarked on the organization’s demise.

Handley tweeted on Monday that he’d joined up for Berenson’s Substack, implying that he handed over the keys to the Twitter account; Handley does not respond to press inquiries, stating, “I no longer give press interviews, I stated all I wanted to say in my two books.” He is currently employed by Children’s Health Defense, the anti-vaccine organization founded by Robert F.

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Kennedy Jr. During his brief tenure as the apparent owner of the Generation Rescue account, Berenson modified the account’s Twitter bio to “Definitely not Alex Berenson,” with a link to his substack, and posted catchphrases such as “Censorship is foolish.” That account has also been suspended.

Berenson posted on his Substack blog on Monday that he was exploring his “legal options,” but was element what he would sue Twitter over, adding, “A prospective action is complex and would encompass – at a minimum – First Amendment problems, contract law , and drug/vaccine law.” “A lawsuit may be costly, and I appreciate your offers of money,” he continued.

Several extremely rich individuals have also offered to help, and my strong preference is to rely on them if at all feasible; I don’t believe people with mortgages should be subsidizing this struggle unless they have no other alternative.”