7 Proven Methods for Making Money from Blogs in 2022

Webeltime.com – 7 Proven Methods for Making Money from Blogs in 2022 How can you monetize your blog? Even though we are now in the year 2021, this question remains prevalent.

Some bloggers, I’ve found, post on their blogs just to offer their thoughts and ideas. There is nothing wrong with it, so please proceed.

7 Proven Methods for Making Money from Blogs in 2022

7 Proven Methods for Making Money from Blogs in 2022 But, in my opinion, blogging is more than merely expressing one’s thoughts or beliefs through writing or articles. Your material can do more than that; it can influence, inspire, and solve the issues of others.

It’s a lot of pleasure to help people by sharing information through posts on blogs. I know that many individuals enjoy sharing knowledge for free on their blogs.

7 Proven Methods for Making Money from Blogs in 2022

Well, in this article I will share information on how to make money from a blog.

How Can I Make Money From My Blog?
One thing you must be certain of is that all bloggers can generate money from their blogs. Even if you are just starting out, blogging may be a lucrative business option.

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The prerequisite is that you must know and grasp the procedures to creating a high-quality blog in order to monetise it.

In general, the steps are as follows:

  • Use the best blogging platform to create a blog.
  • Create blog material that is specific, high-quality, and intriguing.
  • Get visitors from search engines as well as social media.
  • Build and keep your blog audience’s trust.
  • Choose how you want to monetize your site.

It’s every blogger’s fantasy. Unfortunately, it isn’t that simple, friend.

There are some bloggers who may generate money in a very short period of time.

However, most new bloggers begin earning money after 6 months or such. After 1-2 years, there is even fresh produce.

Even if you continuously publish material for months, your blog may not generate any cash. That was the bloggers’ initial situation.

You are now aware that blogging demands a great deal of perseverance and consistency.

Furthermore, you should be aware that in order to generate money from a blog, you must first create a high-quality site.

I’m referring about quality in terms of both content and the overall quality of your blog (loading speed, appearance, navigation, and others).

So you don’t simply need to know how to write good, compelling articles. You must also understand the technical aspects of creating and managing a decent and user-friendly blog.

Do you still want to be a blogger at this point? Or are you suffering from a migraine?

Please keep reading if you are still interested in generating money from blogging.

1. Establish a Blog on the Best Platform

The first step towards making money from a blog is to start one. There are several blogging systems available.

Blogger, WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla are examples of blogging platforms.

What is the most effective blogging platform right now?

Each blogging platform has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. However, I strongly advise you to utilize WordPress.

Of course, this is not just my opinion.

The entire globe has acknowledged WordPress as the greatest blogging platform.

WordPress is still the most popular blogging platform in the world. Take a look at the diagram below.

Market share of CMS

WordPress is utilized by 42.0 percent of all websites, with a 65.0 percent market share. Source w3techs.com

In summary, the following are the benefits of adopting the WordPress platform for your blog:

Even if you are a newbie, it is simple to use.

  • We can administer blogs from a variety of computer operating systems.
  • There is no requirement for HTML editing or FTP software.
  • WordPress sites are popular with search engines.
  • We can create b
  • logs as needed
  • A plugin can be used to extend the functionality of the blog.
  • Multiple users can be added.

In summary, if you want to create a high-quality blog quickly, the WordPress platform is the way to go.

2. Create Blog Content

A blog built on the WordPress platform is a fantastic place to start. Following that, your blog should undoubtedly be content-rich.

When it comes to content, many bloggers develop blogs with a variety of topics. The phrase “gado-gado” is well-known.

The gado-gado blog covers a wide range of topics. In one blog, people debate lifestyle, technology, news, hobbies, religion, and other topics.

Is this a decent method for starting a blog?

I believe it is OK to create a jumbled blog. You can come up with several ideas for articles.

However, if you have a haphazard blog, you will have significant issues. Blogs with vast themes require a large number of writers, tough promotion, and rarely maintain a dedicated reader following.

To be successful, a gado-gado blog must cost a lot of money. Feel free to create this sort of blog if you have ample resources.

But, in my opinion, you should start a blog that concentrates on a certain issue. The term “niche blog” is well-known.

For example, suppose you wish to start a blog on finance.

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Plan first, then concentrate on that issue. Even though your blog’s focus is narrow, your material can nevertheless be extensive.

So, how do you come up with article ideas?

1. First, look for other websites or blogs that cover similar topics to your area.

You may rewrite posts from other blogs from a new perspective.

It is not difficult to address the same subject. However, make sure that your piece stands out from the crowd.

2. Next, come up with an original and one-of-a-kind article title. The title of your article typically decides whether or not someone will open and read it.

As a result, make sure the title of your article piques the attention of others in reading the article’s contents.

3. Finally, include visual material in the content. Images, pictures, infographics, drawings, and videos are all examples of visual media.

Even if they are only for decoration, the photographs in the content may make it more visually appealing and enjoyable to read.

3. Increasing Traffic

The beginning of a blog’s income is traffic. You will not be able to generate money with any blog monetization approach until you have blog traffic.

So, how do you attract traffic? We can get traffic from two different sources: search engines and social media.

Then what?

3.1. Optimizing a Blog for SEO

SEO (search engine optimization) is an effort to boost a website’s exposure on Google’s search engine.

As a consequence, when someone enters specific keywords into Google, your blog will appear on the first page of results. This increases the likelihood of receiving organic traffic from Google.

Keyword selection, quality content, and backlinks are all part of the optimization process. Please read my post on the major aspects of SEO for more information.

3.2. Using Social Media to Promote Blogs

The age of social media is here. It has been employed by all businesses to attract customers.

You may acquire visitors from a variety of social media platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Then, which social media platform is better for driving traffic?

It depends on the nature of your blog’s content. However, in my experience, Facebook and YouTube are the most effective traffic generators.

Pay attention to the timing of your social media posts as well. As an example, you may read my essay on the optimum times to post on social media.

4. Establish and Maintain Reader Trust

Making a blog is simple, and anyone can do it. Anyone may write and publish high-quality content.

The most difficult aspect for bloggers is frequently maintaining consistency in producing high-quality content on a regular basis.

In this scenario, difficult means you can accomplish it.

Point #2 is still relevant. Blogs that explore certain topics in depth will acquire readers’ confidence.

Furthermore, providing regular quality material can help you keep your blog readers’ confidence.

Maintaining reader trust can also be accomplished by resolving the flaws of your blog as a whole. You may solicit feedback, criticism, and recommendations from readers to help you improve your blog.

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Gaining the trust of readers requires time and effort. It requires consistency to keep that trust.

5. Determine the best way to monetize your blog.

Bloggers will undoubtedly refer to “Google Adsense” as a way of monetization. However, there are several more ways to monetise your blog’s content.

The following are some of the ways I have and continue to generate money with my blog.

I apologize for not including a snapshot of the earnings since I don’t believe it is required.

1. Make money from your blog with affiliate marketing.

Joining an affiliate program is one method that I and many other writers generate money from our blogs.

The idea is straightforward. You sign up to be an affiliate marketer, you receive an affiliation code, you place the affiliate code on your site, and you receive a commission for every transaction made through the affiliate link.

Keep in mind that the affiliate program you choose should be related to the content of the blog you are creating. This is necessary to make it easier to attract potential clients.

If your site is about blogging, the affiliate program you choose should be about blogging as well.

If your site is about WordPress, blogging, hosting, and other similar themes, then the ideal affiliate program to join is selling hosting and domains.

In my experience, while creating a blog for affiliates, I first decide what product I would offer. Next, conduct keyword research and create a blog.

For example, when I create a blog to advertise Amazon.com items, I conduct preliminary research.

What items to advertise, which keywords might help with SEO, and how to create content Work on it next.

2. Blog Revenue from Advertising Space

The ad space in question here is a banner ad slot. This ad space is often seen in the sidebar or on the blog post page.

Blogs with a lot of traffic are usually easier to find potential advertisements for. However, this is not always the case. Blogs with little traffic may also receive offers to place advertisements.

Advertisers frequently focus on the core theme of a blog. If the blog’s theme remains relevant to the business, the advertiser will consider advertising on the

site. If your website’s focus is blogging, for example, the sorts of adverts you might receive include hosting goods, domains, and those relevant to that specialty.

You must have the courage to decline advertising offers that promote items unrelated to your blog.

Why? Because advertisements like these will perplex your viewers.

Of course, the conversion is poor. As a result, both you and advertisers suffer.

For instance, suppose your website is about blogging. Then you put an ad from a hair growth product advertiser.

Advertising space (banner) on my blog was rented for Rp 700,000 – Rp 1.5 million per month in my experience. I believe it’s quite decent; I can cover hosting costs.

3. Earn Money From Your Blog by Selling Your Own Services or Products

A blog allows you to offer your own services or products. This implies that you have a product or service to offer your blog visitors.

I once came across some quite innovative blogs. The blogger talks about his everyday work, including his expertise in an area, on his blog.

We frequently come across blogs like these.

The blog owner, on the other hand, offers his products and services to his blog followers. He gets money by selling his knowledge or items on his blog, in addition to making blogger friends on the internet.

Very inventive.

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If you wish to provide services to your visitors, make sure they are linked to the theme of your site.

For example, if your blog is about blogging, you may sell blogging services, blogging article writing services, blog optimization services, and other similar services.

4. Income from Sponsored Articles or Endorsements on a Blog

This is one method that many bloggers, like myself, make money from our blogs. Paid for Reviews are commonly used to refer to sponsored articles or endorsements.

Many company owners want their products or services to be evaluated on other people’s blogs. They are usually prepared to pay a premium for a review piece.

There are also calls for guest posts from other websites in order to gain backlinks. This is usually done by individuals who are doing an SEO campaign.

According to my experience, review articles can be compensated between IDR 300,000 to IDR 1.5 million each piece.

However, this figure should not be regarded as a standard because marketers frequently have financial considerations. Website subjects, website traffic, website SEO ratings, and so forth.

So, how do you obtain advertisers for sponsored articles?

I’m not aware of other bloggers’ experiences. However, advertising, in my experience, invariably approach me via email.

There’s nothing wrong with rapidly attracting potential marketers.

attempting to register on a marketplace such as Rajabacklink.com

5. Google Adsense as a source of blog income

Becoming a Google Adsense publisher is one of the most common ways for bloggers to generate money from their websites.

Google Adsense is an advertising service that allows bloggers to make money from advertisements that show on their blogs.

Ad clicks and the amount of Adsense impressions on the blog generate revenue for the publisher. But don’t even think of clicking on your own advertising because Google Adsense forbids it.

Google Adsense appears to be a highly promising option for bloggers. Bloggers do not need to hunt for ads; instead, they should focus on writing posts and building their readership.

Unfortunately, clicks on adverts on Indonesian-language blogs proved to be little. Per click Adsense advertisements, in my experience, barely produce $ 0.04 – $ 0.08.

It’s disappointing, but it has to be acknowledged.

Google Adsense is not recommended for blogs with minimal traffic. In addition to a tiny revenue, you risk losing other possible earnings that might be bigger than Adsense.

Your blog MUST have a lot of traffic in order to make money from Adsense. Even so, it is still dependent on the topic or specialty of your site.

6. Make Money From Blogs

This is your final option for making money from your site.

I previously sold two Amazon affiliate websites for $1000 each. Why is it being sold? Because I am incapable of doing so.

It’s difficult to sell a blog that we’ve worked so hard to create. However, if you don’t have time or are no longer able to handle the blog, you can select this option.

How do I market a blog? What is the greatest location to sell your blog?

This is a difficult question for me to answer. Because I sold it through an individual broker at the time, and it may no longer be operational.

You can, however, attempt selling your blog on Ads.id, an Indonesian publisher community forum. I frequently see people selling their sites on this forum.

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Before posting your blog sales, make sure you have prepared blog data. Starting with the domain name, hosting parameters, monthly traffic, monthly income, and other pertinent information.

Examples of Profitable Blogs

Making money from a blog is not a new concept. One of the most potential internet business ideas is blogging. Many Indonesian bloggers have demonstrated it and make a living from their blogs.

This post, however, would be incomplete without some instances of money-making blogs.

Here are several bloggers that generate money from their blogs.

1. consultanthosting.com

Examples of profitable blogs

This is a blog dedicated to discussing hosting. This blog’s contents analyze and investigate some of the services offered by hosting companies in Indonesia.

Every hosting provider review post on this blog is written in depth based on the information gathered.

As a result, the audience for advisorhosting.com is clear: bloggers, web developers, and, of course, hosting service providers.

Profiting from AdvisorHosting.com-style blogs:

  • Make detailed and comprehensive material regarding Indonesian hosting providers.
  • Because AdvisorHosting is an independent blog, all articles are fact-based.
  • Create a niche readership of bloggers, web developers, and hosting providers.
  • Hosting Advisor’s blog is monetized by affiliate commissions on the sale of suggested hosting.

2. WPNesia.id

How to Make Money From Your Blog

WPNesia is one example of a blog that focuses on a single topic. This blog is about WordPress, especially the popular WordPress theme GeneratePress.

Danar Virdaus, the proprietor of WPNesia, appears to be a big fan of WordPress and GeneratePress. That’s why he decided to dedicate the WPNesia blog only to discussing WordPress and GeneratePress.

Make money from a blog similar to WPNesia.id:

  • Creating highly targeted articles about WordPress and the GeneratePress theme.
  • Concentrate on producing material that will benefit WordPress and GeneratePress users.
  • WPNesia monetizes blogs by selling GeneratePress installation and blog optimization services.

3. Mastimon.com Blog Income

Mastimon.com is an example of a blog that covers a wide range of topics, sometimes known as a gado-gado blog. Despite the fact that it is a jumbled site, the proprietor of this blog can monetise its material.

According to what I can tell, Mastimon.com’s blog subject used to be blogging utilizing the Blogger.com platform. This blog will eventually tackle bigger themes.

Profit from Mastimon.com-style blogs:

  • Create material centered on blogging, the blogger.com platform, and broad subjects.
  • Increasing readership using social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube.
  • Mastimon.com blog monetization strategies include Google Adsense, blogger-based blogging services, blogging private tuition, blogger theme alteration, and backlink services.


You’ve read an article on many methods to make money with a blog. This essay is based on my personal experience as a blogger for many years.

What is the greatest way to monetize your blog?

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Everyone has a different view on the best way to monetize their site. As a result, there is no universal solution to that question.

However, you now have a better understanding of how to make money from a blog and how to monetize a blog.